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NameVisioning Lembaga Pendidikan Tinggi Pariwisata Kita


H. Oka A. Yoeti


As teachers of both strategic and operational management in tourism and hospitality programs, we constantly stress the importance of research as a mean of providing critical information for education planning and development. At the same time, in our capacity as managers of academic programs, it is not uncommon for many of us to overlook the use of research in the management of these programs.This paper argues that based on the existing literature, tourism education program managers generally fail to take sufficient advantage of several strategic research approaches that are heavily used in other management contexts. Having recognized their own shortcoming in the regard, the present authors have attemted to rectify it by formally integrating a selected number of widely used research approaches into the overall management of their programs. The result, we believe, demontrate just how valuable the use of formal program research can be in setting innovative directions for program design and development, for establishing student satisfaction with the specific courses, and for evaluating the overall efficiency and effectiveness of well established programs.This paper, present discussion examines the use and usefulness of major research technique for tourism education program design and management. The technique in question is Strategic Visioning
Keywords :  Tourism Education, Tourism Research, Visioning and Trends in Education.

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