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NamePeran Industri Pariwisata Dalam Mengentaskan Kemiskinan Di Indonesia


Oka A. Yoeti


Tourism development has been advanced as a policy alternative, particularly for developing countries, to aid economic growth. There are several arguments for this: First, demand for international travel continues to grow in develops countries. Second, as income in the developed increase, the income elasticity of demand for international travel will mean, this will increase at a faster rate. Third, developing nations need foreign exchange earnings to aid their own populations. The main economic effects of tourism at macro level could be considered from two angles: First, from the direct that tourism usually has on the economy, which include its effect on the employment, the redistribution of income and strengthened the balance of payment. Secondly, the induced affects on the market for certain products, on the government sector, taxes as well as it ‘imitation’ effect on the community. One of the major benefits local communities expect from tourism is a significant contribution to their economy: increased local income as well as new jobs. Local business operators, of course, profit directly from tourist’s spending. As they pay their employees and as the operators and employees spend their increased wealth locally in their business, the entire community eventually benefits. So, money spent by tourists is new money in the local economy, not just a recycling of wealth that already existed here.

 Keyword : ecotourism

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