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Name"Pariwisata Budaya" Salah Satu Bagian Dari Smart Tourism

Roby Ardiwijaya  

The structure of all human activities drastically altered since the past century, cultural tourism is no exception. Evolving leisure patterns, short vacations, and the development of a massive tourism infrastructure has meant that many people tend to have authenticity experiences in a different culture and learn the similarities and differences of the human condition. Interaction between visitor and resident, it’s a kind of new tourism paradigm. This condition has placed a heavy burden on the conservation community, since it is now the cultural heritage sources often the only impact on the tourist. Proper management of cultural tourism provide the conservation community into the sustainable development by placing the local communities achieve better socio-economic benefits. But when the process of culture development not carefully planned without the participation of social scientists, economists, and local communities involved, it is often leads to painful cultural dislocations that engender more problems than are solved. Cultural tourism development in any actual cases, shows the conservation community has been unable to develop convincing arguments that will lure politicians, development organizations and the private tourist industry to equitably share tourist revenues with conservation. Finally, according some studies, it is true that extreme human need must take precedence over cultural sites, it must be acknowledged that guaranteeing the survival of these revenue-generating heritage assets will play an important role in the well-being of future generations.
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