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NameKepariwisataan Sebagai Wawasan Pembangunan Nasional Berkelanjutan

Myrza Rahmanita

Globalization and limitation of natural resources have altered world order that resoluteness of a nation is highly depend on the capability to manage its competitive added value to give benefit from and in the course of development. More and more each day, tourism progressively put together and builds its important meaning to improve economics, protect nature, preserve endangered ecosystem, along with revitalize local wisdom, tradition and culture; in broader scope, promoting global community. To benefit from opportunities generated, tourism required to be taken as an alternate perspective to national development, which in the context of time phase, should be sustainable; so not be mistaken simply as growth, characterized by transient progress. As perspective within a country sustainable development, tourism supposed to representing multidiscipline and cross-sector integral concept; therefore, its basic concept, value and key point need to be applied to all development sectors. For instance, what are in the beginning just agricultural daily activities, adapted to the perspective of tourism based sustainable development, will then amplified with tourism key characteristic: attraction, so to emerge as new packages of agritourism; supported with standards and acknowledgement; reinforced by proportionally important roles of all development stakeholders (partnerships). Education at any level (informal, formal or non formal) is significant for making public to embracing and inculturizing the concept and value of tourism based sustainable development, which then hoped to be revealed in the patterns of speaking, patterns of thinking and patterns of doing.
Keywords  : perspektif, culturalism, education, policy, tuorism
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