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Vol.10, No.1, Maret 2005

Vol.10, No.1, Maret 2005

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(Studi Kasus di PT  INNA Garuda Hotel Yogyakarta)


Purwanto Sumarto Putro


In the research about The Analysis of Relation Habbit Service with Occupancy and Food Cover on PT INNA Garuda Hotel Yogyakarta, the problems stated to researched are (1) about hotel condition' trend on Occupancy and Food cover, (2) about hotel habbit service on PT INNA Garuda Hotel Yogyakarta and (3) the relation between habbit service that represent by staffs's with Occupancy and Food Cover on PT INNA Garuda Hotel Yogyakarta. As the results, which concluded that (1) generally, the implementation of staff's jobs arranged based on a mechanism tends for description. (2) The supervisor try to increase staff's profesionalism by manage and control staff's work, state the services procedures and supported by controlling and up grading staff's competence. (3) The perception of guests towards staffs on generally are well. This appraisal including on staff's attention, skill, speed, competence, services procedures, communication skill and complain handling by management. The positive perception will be an indicator for management success on servicing their guests through staffs. But there is still some guests give a negative opinion about staff's performance that shows if management have not fill yet hotel guest's expectation as a whole. (4) Based on staffs habit service that evaluated by customers and trend analysis toward Occupancy and Food Cover for year of 2003, concluded that habit service have been sufficient and followed by good trend on Occupancy and Food Cover. That condition can be understood that service of hotel staff have a positive contribution toward hotel performance by Occupancy and Food Cover.

Keyword: habbit service, occupancy and food cover.

    Purwanto Sumarto Putro adalah Dosen Akademi Pariwisata  (AKPARDA)  Dharma Nusantara Sakti Yogyakarta

kajian strategi pemasaran hotel

dalam menghadapi persaingan




The present increasing number of domestic and international tourists will push the growth of tourism industries including accommodation and hotels. The problem face here is how to select the kind of Marketing Strategy to be executed by hotels in facing the problem.The method which is used library study and the kind of data analysis like “SWOT MATRIX”, and the matrix developed by BSG which used to calculate the growth of market share and the market share competition. It can be concluded here in this writing that horizontal concentration strategy is the right strategy for hotel marketing in facing competition.

Keyword: habbit service, occupancy and food cover.

[1]   Purwanto adalah Dosen Universitas Tarumanegara


A. Dananjaya Axioma


International trade influences domestic processes, in particular in smaller, weaker, and poorer countries. Yet it is also true that domestic structures, mostly those of bigger, stronger and richer countries, determine the setting of international trade. To deal with trade in isolation would be futile. Trade cannot be an aim in itself. Nor, in many economies, can it be seen as an independent instrument of policy. It is always the relationship that matters: trade and development, trade and finance, trade and investment, trade and services, and so on. Ignoring these relationships may ultimately mean there will be less trade than many governments, entrepreneurs and consumers would wish.  So not only those whose main interest is trade, but also those who are interested in development, environment and the quality of life would be wise to deal with all aspects of trade in an integrated manner. It is politically impossible today to plead for trade liberalization without at the same time offering policy proposals that address issues or values that will be affected by liberalization. Without such proposals, further trade liberalization will meet social, economic, and environmental limits and political resistance. This article attempts to look into the relationship between international trade and tourism services and its implication.

Keywords: free trade, WTO, GATT/GATS, modes of supply, schedule of commitment (SoC)


Oka A. Yoeti


Tourism development has been advanced as a policy alternative, particularly for developing countries, to aid economic growth. There are several arguments for this: First, demand for international travel continues to grow in develops countries. Second, as income in the developed increase, the income elasticity of demand for international travel will mean, this will increase at a faster rate. Third, developing nations need foreign exchange earnings to aid their own populations. The main economic effects of tourism at macro level could be considered from two angles: First, from the direct that tourism usually has on the economy, which include its effect on the employment, the redistribution of income and strengthened the balance of payment. Secondly, the induced affects on the market for certain products, on the government sector, taxes as well as it ‘imitation’ effect on the community. One of the major benefits local communities expect from tourism is a significant contribution to their economy: increased local income as well as new jobs. Local business operators, of course, profit directly from tourist’s spending. As they pay their employees and as the operators and employees spend their increased wealth locally in their business, the entire community eventually benefits. So, money spent by tourists is new money in the local economy, not just a recycling of wealth that already existed here.

 Keyword : ecotourism


A. Junaedhi Abas




One of the ways that could be done by organization in order to face the existing challenges is creating a culture of learning in the organizations, known as learning organization. However, the concept of learning organization which has been developing so srill considers as descriptive and conceptual, which is difficult to comprehend and implement. This paper puts forward a definition and a more relevant concept to be implemented in the condition of organization at present. This paper also discusses various reasons to implement learning organization, some characteristics to consider, and some benefits of implementing learning organization for either individuals or organizations.

Keywords :  organization, management, learning organization

[1] A. Junaedhi Abas adalah Dosen Hotel Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti


M. Yunus & Arief Faizal Rahman


This writing is as result on public services programme of Research Study and Public Service Canter of Trisakti Institute of Tourism. It describes feasibility Kampong Bali as tourist destination, theoretically observed by some aspects such as tourist, transportation, attraction, service facilities and information also promotion canter. In analyzing this potential site, we used SWOT descriptive analyze method to observe feasibility Kampong Bali as a tourist destination with its potentials. Then we have conclusion according to the data that Kampong Bali is possible to be one of tourist destination in Jakarta.

Keywords : tourisme, kampong bali

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